If you're interested in true "Show Quality" Black Outs, we're your source! We truly believe that the quality, appearance and durability of our Black Outs will never be surpassed! We're not offering static cling films, lens covers, or cheap aerosol paint tints. We're offering a Hot-Coat treatment for your actual OEM light housings. The light housings are first heated to 120 degrees. A turbine delivery system then heats our Acrylic tint solution to 120 degrees as well. The product is delivered very much like a combination of a lower temp Powder-Coating and high temp Gel-coating system. The finished product is a thin translucent black plastic coating that fuses to the translucent red plastic. This product will not split, crack or peel as observed in some low budget tint coatings. Simply wax them with the rest of your Vette and they'll outlast your paint!

Many Vette enthusiasts have purchased our Blackouts and can testify as to the quality of our finished products. We also offer a 5-year guaranty that our treatment will not split or peel off the surface of your lenses. Please keep in mind however, that just like your OEM light housings, if subjected to harsh abuse, they can still crack, chip, or scratch like any other plastic. Our process is very labor intensive and our fees will reflect such. So if you're looking for inexpensive Blackouts, we wouldn't be able to help you. However if you want the absolute best look and quality for your Vette, you won't find better!

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