Installation Instructions 

We really can't stress enough, the importance of a proper and thorough preparation prior to installation of any adhesive joined products. In this case, doing so will ensure maximum adhesion of the double-sided foam tape to your rear fascia. With that stated, lets begin with such preparation.

(1) First, thoroughly wash your entire rear fascia to remove all dirt and dust debris. This would include top, bottom and sides. We'll need these areas clean for applying masking tape later.

(2) Clean the entire rear fascia again with a good wax & grease remover. Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol or 3M General Purpose Adhesive Remover both work very well. Neither of these products will harm your paint. Be sure to wipe off any remaining films with a clean dry cloth.

(3) Mix 1/2 teaspoon of any brand of dish soap with 16 ounces of water. Pour this soap / water solution into any spay bottle.

(4) At this time you may want to pre-fit the unit so that you’re aware of how to line up the louvers prior to the actual install. You may also choose to line the inside of your louvers with black electrical tape to avoid possible chaffing of the paint. This will also be beneficial if the overlays louvers don’t reach far enough back, to mask any remaining exposed paint.

(5) Remove the foam tape backing from the reverse side of your Exhaust Fascia Overlay and set aside. Keep away from dust and do not touch the exposed adhesive.

(6) Spray lower exhaust area portion of your rear fascia with the soap / water solution. Do not spray so much as to have the solution run. If it does run, wipe dry and start again. Spray just enough to offer even coverage of the entire area. This will allow for slight movement in positioning your overlay once it's placed on your fascia. Without the soap / water solution, once the overlay makes contact with your fascia, it would be very difficult to move without damaging the adhesive.

(7) Pick up your overlay by inserting fingers into the vented louvers. Insert these louvers into your rear fascias existing louvers to ensure proper alignment. Firmly press the overlay onto your existing fascia. Doing so will allow both surfaces to better form together in the event that your existing fascia has any warpage or distortion. Such distortion is very common of these body parts due to muffler heat, environmental heat, aging and manufactures alignment. You'll want to pay particular attention around your exhaust area to prevent melting of your overlay onto your exhaust tips. You can actually reach one hand behind your fascia while your other hand presses against the face of your overlay, squeezing the two parts together.

(8) Wipe dry all remaining water / soap solution. Now firmly apply 3M brand 2" to 3" Medium Adhesion Painters Tape to all areas displayed in photos below. It's recommended to allow 24 to 48 hours "adhesive cure time" prior to removing tape. A warm dry climate will of course afford quicker cure time than a cooler humid climate. After recommended cure time has passed, remove all blue tape and enjoy!

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