Blackout Exhaust Fascia Overlay $399.95

This light-weight (1.5 lbs) self-adhesive overlay is made of .100 ABS plastic that's lightly textured to offer a first class satin-gloss finish. The appearance of this product is far superior to anything that can be done with paint or vinyl graphics. It truly looks as though it belongs, and was originally manufactured on the C5 Corvette.

The installation procedure could not be made easier! Simply remove the backing of the double-sided foam tape, pick up the unit by inserting fingers into the louvers, line it up with your existing louvers and press it on! It's that easy. Installation including preparation shouldn't take more than 15 to 30 minutes. Installation instructions with photos are provided. You can also click below for the on-line instructions.

This product was developed for those of us that want the blacked out lower fascia, but don't want to actually paint the area. This will eliminate the need to search for a qualified painter, as well as eliminating the risk of over spray in undesired areas. It also eliminates to need the repaint the entire fascia should
you ever choose to do away with the blacked out area. Best of all, it offers your Vette the much richer look that it deserves!

Our mounting procedure allows this mod to later be removed, resold, and reused in the event of trade-in, etc. Due to the 1/32" foam tape, there will be no chaffing caused to the paint under our overlay. Being that this ABS product is less than 1/8" thick, it will not be affected by exhaust heat (providing your tips are mounted correctly and not touching your fascia).

Our mold was formed by using a new OEM mounted rear fascia for measurements. Being that the body panels and their mounting on our C5's are not precision, we have found that no two rear fascias and their mounting are exactly alike. Aging, weathering and heat exposure has also taken it's toll in slight to extreme alteration of our fascias original shape. Therefore our overlay could not be formed to make an exact molded fit on all C5's. However, regardless of whether it’s an exact flush fit or not, the ABS plastic is flexible enough to further form to your existing fascia. We have fitted this product on over 100 C5's and found it to fit even those with warped vent louvers. If you have severely warped vent louvers, this would probably be the best time to correct them with the bumper reinforcements available from the various vendors.

Some say it gives their C5 Corvette a more elegant appearance, while other state that it offers a more aggressive and lower look. Either way, all agree that this should have been standard equipment offered by GM when the car was originally manufactured.

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