No More LED Hyper-Flash, or Rapid-Flash $69.95

No matter where you install exterior LED lights on your C5 Corvette, you will no longer have Hyper-Flash issues! This clever device intercepts your OEM flasher and utilizes it's own Electronic LED Flasher.

If your current Self-Contained LED Taillights are still Hyper-Flashing, this device will cure the problem.

If you want to install LED Bulbs in your Taillights or Daytime Running Lights, you can now do so without the hassles of mounting "HOT" Load Equalizers or Load Resistors in line for each light.

If your OEM flasher is failing like so many are today in the aging fleet of C5's, this device will cure this problem at a fraction of the cost & time.

Installation is simple. The ONLY tool required is a #15 Torx Driver to remove a total of 4 Torx Screws on the panel that wraps under your steering column. Realistic installation time should only require 15 to 20 minutes. Pictorial instructions are of course included with each unit.

This unit is fully self-contained. No other parts are required. It's completely Plug-N-Play! You'll simply uncouple the connectors of your OEM harness located under your steering column, then place our unit in between those couplings, and reconnect. That's it! Pictorial Instructions are included!

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